Faculty Profile: Tony Tavares

Tony TavaresTony Tavares R.TCMP

Instructor: Eastern Nutrition

Tony Tavares is the founder of Shining Waters Health. He completed acupuncture training programmes at both the Canadian branch of the Beijing Capital University of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Traditional Medicine.  He has also completed the Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine diploma program with the Canadian branch of the Beijing Capital University of Medical Sciences.

He is currently a faculty member of AIM Academy. In addition to his credentials in acupuncture and Chinese medicine; Tony has two decades of experience as a leader in the Toronto holistic, wellness and spiritual communities. His experiences are quite varied, having worked not only as a registered yoga teacher, but also as a fitness consultant and a Reiki Master. He has also received training in Tuina, Shiatsu and Ayurvedic bodywork modalities.
His interest and training in North American and African shamanism have lead him to receive initiations in these ancient spiritual traditions and, has brought about a deeper understanding of healing the whole individual and exploring the root cause of disharmony on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. His practice as a professional in the healing arts is imbued with these various philosophies and principles.


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