AIM Academy Scholarships:

Available Scholarships: $1,000, $500, $250

Terms and Conditions:

  • Available to students entering the second year of a 2.5-year Acupuncture Diploma Program at AIM Academy, they also must maintain full time status throughout the program.

  • The student with the highest grade report average after the first year will be awarded $1,000, 2nd highest student $500, 3rd highest student $250 each. The student must have completed all their first-year courses, have a passing grade for attendance in each of those courses, and have a total courseload of at least 70%.

  • Scholarship funding is only towards tuition and is non-transferable. The student must maintain good financial standing with AIM Academy.

  • Scholarships are applied yearly; If a student is on OSAP, AIM will notify them about the reduction in tuition.

  • Scholarship terms and conditions may vary yearly.

If you'd like to learn more about details and eligibility requirements, please contact us by emailing us at