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Celebrating 37 Years Of Academic Excellence, over 800 Confident Graduates, and over 200,000 Patients Treated.

Founded in 1986, Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy (AIM Academy) is a leading institution in Traditional Chinese Medicine. With a focus on Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, we train future Acupuncturists and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners. In our comprehensive Diploma Programs, training will include TCM theory and biomedical sciences along with practical training that includes clinical rotation and an internship. Our supportive faculty and staff combined with our positive learning environment guide students while studying at AIM to become competent and skilled health care professionals.

We welcome everyone, those without a healthcare background and those with a healthcare background such as RMT's, Nurses & other Health Care Professionals. Reach out and schedule your one-on-one consultation and audit our online classes!


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Dedication to Academic Excellence at AIM Academy

At AIM Academy, we are committed to offering a comprehensive education, encouraging our talented students to develop the confidence and competency to pass the necessary exams and build a thriving practice.

The PAN-Canadian Exam assesses the competency of entry-level TCM professionals. A passing grade is required to become a Registered Acupuncturist in Ontario.

We invite you to congratulate our 2022 Acupuncture Program Graduates' achievement of a 100% pass rate on the PAN-Canadian Exam!

This means that all of our 2022 Acupuncture Graduates have succeeded in proving their capabilities and taking their first step into the professional acupuncture world!

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Student Testimonials

"AIM prepares students for the real world. There’s history in their teachings. As one of the original Chinese Medicine schools, they gather the best teachers in the industry. Our clinic pays attention to AIM graduates who apply to our busy Acupuncture clinic. As Alumni myself, I attribute my own success to the incredible experience I had over 20 years ago. As a clinic owner, I know first-hand that AIM Grads benefit from the generous amount of hands-on work. These practical real-time skills are vital for serving patients. We trust that AIM Grads will be prepared to sustain a living doing Acupuncture. Trust this Toronto Institution for quality Traditional Chinese Medicine education."

- Sarah Kreitzer, Owner of Acupuncture Center Toronto

I started my program as a second year student, as I studied previously before studying at AIM Academy. I found the school offered a warm and welcoming ambiance with an awesome transitional schedule with the courses I needed to take. The quality of each course was great, and the teachers were great in the material they were teaching. The school is very understanding with your own schedule, life circumstances and challenges. Their schedule accommodated my long commute to class everyday. AIM Academy’s location is great. It’s in Chinatown, which is very convenient especially if you study herbs as there are many Chinese herb stores in that area.

- Yuumi Ridsdale, TCMP Graduate 2017

My introduction to the Shiatsu and Acupuncture School came in the form of a 40 hour Beginner Shiatsu course for Registered Massage Therapists. I was hooked. Since then I have completed several Acupuncture and Shiatsu courses there. I tried other schools including the McMaster Acupuncture program but always ended up back there. With top notch teachers and an incredible learning environment, this school is a real gem in the heart of Toronto. The administrators are incredibly helpful and I've always engaged positively with my fellow students. I highly recommend this school as one of the most authentic and comprehensive Acupuncture training courses in Toronto.

- Faz Moosa, RMT, Owner of Aches Away Toronto Clinic

I decided to go to AIM Academy because it was the best choice in terms of class size and quality of teachers, and I could work while studying which was important to me. I can definitely say I made the right choice in coming to this school.

- Lubeina Abdulhusein, Acupuncture Student 2015-2018

When speaking with other acupuncturists, or when I attend acupuncture workshops to learn more, I can even hear across the globe that they are training in schools that are not as rigorous as AIM. I didn’t know when I started in 1994 that I would - half my life later and in all my years to come - remain in the field I do. There is so much to learn about the body that whether one plans to work as a therapist for the rest of one’s life or not, this wisdom brings an incredible amount of value to life, healing for oneself and others, and a great depth of insight. Out of all my travels, this school is the one that I would recommend without hesitation.

- Meredith Sands Keator

Upcoming Events

Aesthetic Acupuncture Made Simple with Dr. Travall
Aesthetic Acupuncture Made Simple with Dr. Travall
Aesthetic Acupuncture Made Simple with Dr. Travall
Aesthetic Acupuncture Made Simple with Dr. Travall
Aesthetic Acupuncture Made Simple with Dr. Travall
Aesthetic Acupuncture Made Simple with Dr. Travall

Aesthetic Acupuncture Made Simple with Dr. Travall

starts Friday, September 15, 2023

starts Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Kampo: Module #1 - Theoretical Foundations of Kampo
Kampo: Module #1 - Theoretical Foundations of Kampo

Kampo: Module #1 - Theoretical Foundations of Kampo

starts Friday, November 3, 2023

Featured Faculty

Elena Dobrovetsky

Elena Dobrovetsky

M.Sc, R.Ac, R.TCMP

Meet AIM Academy's Director of the Acupuncture Program, Elena! With an extensive background in Biomedicine, her research in the field of protein crystallization resulted in multiple publications in scientific journals. Elena had always been interested in the bigger picture: how smallest particles communicate with each other and work together to make our amazing organism function as ONE big unit.

Richard Kwan

Richard Kwan


Richard is currently a Senior Advisor of TCM and Acupuncture and lecturing extensively at AIM Academy! He believes in focusing on the Acupuncture Meridian Systems and emphasizing the spirit cultivation through QiGong, the Harmony of Seven Emotions, and the Five Elements. Richard believes that a simple lifestyle promotes better health.

Zachary Lui

Zachary Lui


Zachary is a Shaman-Folk Priest, Registered Acupuncturist, Reiki Master Teacher and Master of Medical Qigong. He is also a certified trainer, having studied for several years directly with Andrieh Vitimus in Pure Land Buddhist and Daoist magics. Zachary teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Ethics, Tuina, Diagnosis, Treatment of Disease, Tai Chi and Qigong.

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