AIM Academy


The Shiatsu School of CanadaIn 1986 Kaz and Yasuko Kamiya founded The Shiatsu School of Canada in response to growing demand for high quality training in shiatsu therapy. Canadians from all walks of life were becoming increasingly concerned about the potential side effects of drugs and were looking for non-invasive ways of dealing with illness. People from all walks of life wanted to take their health and well-being back into their own hands. Shiatsu helped them do this and, as more and more people heard about shiatsu, the need for a high-quality school became evident.

On April 2, 1986, the school became a private institution. In September 1986, the school's first shiatsu 2200-hour program began. Now renamed Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy (AIM Academy) to encompass all the training offered including acupuncture, Chinese herbs and a variety of general interest courses.

AIM Academy is now one of Canada's leading schools and continues to offer career-training programs leading to diplomas in acupuncture and Chinese herbs.The first class graduated in 1988, with a graduating class every year after that. We have been offering continuous quality education since 1986, and we can truly offer an experienced faculty and a proven curriculum. Our faculty is comprised of Registered Acupuncturists, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, nutritionists, professionals in anatomy, physiology, pathology, psychology, kinesiology, shiatsu therapists, and other fields of health care, as well as specialists in business, communications and ethics.  All our science instructors have at least a Master's degree in their field.

Careers in acupuncture and Chinese Medicine demand the heart, knowledge, skill and clinical experience that a 2200-hour program can deliver. Our programs are one of the oldest continuously operating programs in Canada. We offer students a solid grounding in both Eastern and Western medicine, including Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory as well as anatomy, physiology and pathology. Working in the West, students must be able to communicate with Western medical professionals who refer clients to them. They must also be able to communicate with clients who think in terms of Western medicine. An understanding of Western medicine, coupled with a strong background in Traditional Chinese medicine, strengthens the therapist's practice on every level.

AIM Academy operates ethically and dependably, balancing our respect for the traditions of Eastern Medicine with a responsibility to grow and innovate. The school has no religious affiliations and welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life. By its commitment to high ethical standards, quality in faculty and curriculum, and service to students and the community, AIM Academy has played a significant role in promoting Eastern Medicines nationally and internationally. The programs offered at AIM Academy are one of the highest standards in the world. Graduates of AIM Academy are able to apply for licenses, registration and/or certification all around the world. Currently we have graduates working across Canada and in the United States, Denmark, Mexico, England, Austria, Israel, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, etc.

At AIM Academy we believe that the power to change your life is in your hands. And we have the track record, the knowledge, and the commitment to help make your study of Chinese Medicines as rewarding as you want it to be. 


The Founder of AIM Academy (formerly Shiatsu School of Canada), Kaz Kamiya, was a pioneer in teaching shiatsu.

An accomplished practitioner of shiatsu and acupuncture, Mr. Kamiya originally worked as a tool-and-die designer in Brazil and Canada. In his mid-30's, he learned about shiatsu. He returned to his native country of Japan to study shiatsu and acupuncture and received his license after 3 years of study (1975-1978). Mr. Kamiya then apprenticed at a hospital in Japan with Shizuto Masunaga, one of the pioneers of shiatsu therapy at Iokai Shiatsu Centre.

After that, Mr. Kamiya returned to Toronto and in 1986, he established AIM Academy (formerly Shiatsu School of Canada) in order to offer the highest standard of shiatsu training, the 2200-hour diploma program.

Currently, AIM Academy is owned and operated by Enza Ierullo. Enza worked at the school for many years until she took over as owner in 2003. A strong believer in complementary health care, healthy lifestyles and a proponent of living an environmentally sustainable life, her goal is to continue to provided quality education, exceptional faculty and superior programs all in a positive learning environment.