Why choose AIM? Here's what our recent grads had to say! PS - Materia Medica (1/2 PRICE!) is almost full!

Why choose AIM? Here's what our recent grads had to say! PS - Materia Medica (1/2 PRICE!) is almost full!
Still undecided? Read these these four reviews for inspiration!

Materia Medica

1/2 PRICE off!
only $1000 
(original price $2000)


‘As a new graduate of the TCM practitioner program from AIM Academy and also a medical doctor from China, I find the school and the program are really helpful, especially the course of Materia Media. The instructor Adina is amazing. She is not only knowledgeable, but also has lots of clinical experience. She made the boring course interesting, also easy to understand and remember. I learned a lot from her. I really appreciate the school has her as an instructor. We can see that the Director Enza made a great effort to have good teachers in the school. Highly recommend this school!'

Sarah Y. 

'I attended the Chinese Herbal programme at AIM Academy in 2018-2019.   
We worked along with qualified supervisors who helped us assess the clients' complaints and come up with our own herbal treatment plan using traditional Chinese medical principles. All the supervisors in our training clinic have a practice of their own and so each of them brought a world of wonderful expertise to the experience.
I particularly enjoyed the interactive nature of the class and the interactive form of teaching. I found the dialogue very inspiring and gripping especially since we were learning a new way of seeing, perceiving the world.
My own training includes being a qualified naturopath, a shiatsu therapist and a former pharmacist and I found this training to be very complementary. The experience was so rich and rewarding that I am going back for another course.'
Robert Posen
Licensed naturopath and shiatsu therapist

'I recently graduated from AIM Academy's TCMP program and I could not be happier with the quality of education I received.

The practitioners they had teaching and supervising clinic are well educated in all aspects of TCM Acupuncture and herbal medicine.

The school maintains a positive and supportive environment for all their staff, students and patients.
The administrative staff works very hard to ensure the school runs efficiently and the student clinics are filled with patients for optimal hands on experience!

The school helps prepare the students as best they can for CTCMPAO registration exams, which has been VERY beneficial for me.

AIM Academy was the right choice of school to attend, I highly recommend it for anyone wishing to learn TCM acupuncture or Chinese herbal medicine.'

Ally S. 

'Recently graduated from the Herbal program at AIM Academy and want to say a Big Thank you! to Enza for finding such great teachers for the program.
Adina Stanescu  is AMAZING!!!!!  She’s very knowledgeable, passionate about Chinese herbs and always ready to share her clinical experience with students.
Materia Medica with Adina was a great fundamental experience. Highly recommended!'

Elena D. 

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Our success in being in business for over 33 years is due to all of our graduates, students, clients, instructors and the acupuncture profession as whole. AIM is proud to be in the heart of Toronto encompassed by such a strong, passionate and diverse community. 

Curious about studying Chinese Herbs?

Start with...

Materia Medica

200 hours
with Adina Stanescu & Katherine Chekhter 


October 7, 2019 – February 12, 2020

2 days a week (Monday & Wednesday) 
from 9:30am - 4:00pm

Why choose AIM Academy? 

  • Industry leaders with over 33 years of experience. Our quality of education and instructor roster is incomparable.

  • October start – writing your CTCMPAO exam? Our later start gives you the freedom to prepare.

  • Sequential learning experience – you will not be placed in clinics or classes without obtaining all the knowledge you need to succeed.

  • Part time schedule – we designed our herbs program with the working professional in mind. Classes run Monday & Wednesday from 9:30am – 4:00pm.

  • Flexible payment plans

At AIM we strive for quality education and we ensure we meet the core competencies set forth by CTCMPAO.  Our schedule is consistent and doesn’t change.  Over the years we have assessed the hours needed for each course and strongly believe in not rushing students through pertinent material – especially Materia Medica!
AIM has an open door policy and we want to meet you! The needs of our students are top of the list and we do what we can to make every students’ learning experience an excellent one.
Take AIM and begin your training as a TCMP!


Please call Enza at 
416-323-1818 ext 202
for more information.

Space is limited! 
Call to reserve you spot to avoid disappointment
416-323-1818 ext 202 

Passionate about education. 

Compassionate about our students. 
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