Materia Medica Online


Course Description:

This course presents both an exhibition of Chinese herbal theory as well as identification, application and use of individual Chinese herbs.  Complementing the three main modules of herbal theory covered is a presentation of Chinese herbs employed clinically in combination with each other.  This provides a well rounded foundation for the study of herbal formulas as well as a basis for planning individualized and modified herbal prescriptions.

Course Objective:

The students will learn about the name, nature, flavour, properties, functions, uses, and contraindications of Chinese medicinal substances, which will be used to make herbal formulas, which will be learned later.

Students will study individual herbs that will include:

  • Latin name
  • Pin Yin name
  • Herb category
  • Meridian affiliation
  • Energy and taste
  • Therapeutic actions
  • Contraindications
  • Dosage
  • Preparation and processing
  • Combinations
  • Visual identification

Categories to be covered:

  • Exterior-releasing herbs
  • Qi regulating herbs
  • Blood invigorating and stasis removing herbs
  • Stop bleeding herbs
  • Substances for topical application
  • Obsolete substances
  • Heat-clearing herbs
  • Downward draining herbs
  • Wind-Damp dispelling herbs
  • Aromatic damp-dissolving herbs
  • Water regulating and damp-resolving herbs
  • Interior-Warming herbs
  • Digestive herbs
  • Orifice-opening herbs
  • Shen calming herbs
  • Antiparasitic herbs
  • Tonifying herbs
  • Liver calming and wind-extinguishing herbs
  • Phlegm resolving, coughing and wheezing relieving herb
  • Astringent herbs

NOTE: This course is also offered as part of the TCM Practitioner Diploma Program


September - November, 2023

Two Week Break: TBA 

Monday to Thursday 9:00AM to 1:00PM online

Friday 8:30AM – 1:00PM online


Course Length: 170 hours

Cost: $2,550 or 3 payments of $850 each.

AIM Alumni Rate: $2,100 or 3 payments of $700 each.

To register:
Call 416-323-1818 ext. 202

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