Explore Death and Dying & Sex and Relationships through Chinese Medicine!

Death and Dying in Chinese Medicine (June 24)

There is often very little that is spoken about the process of death and dying. We will explore the psycho-emotional approach on death and dying in Chinese Medicine and discover what insights the three ancient Chinese pillars of Confucianism, Daoism and Buddism has to say about death. The seminar will demonstrate treatment approaches based on the 5 elements and how to support patients who are going through their end stage of life.


Sex and Relationships in Chinese Medicine (June 25)

In this seminar, we will explore the 5 Elements and 6 stages of Relationship in Chinese Medicine and learn how to cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself and with others. Through the discussion of sex in Chinese Medicine, practitioners will gain confidence in supporting patients in a variety of sexual disorders and infertility issues. There will be Qigong demonstration, herbal/dietary recommendation and treatment protocols to enhance Kidney function.


COST: $350, $300 (Applicable to AIM students and AIM graduates, please call us at 416-323-1818 ext. 200 to register.)

Richard Kwan will be speaking on both days.

Friday, June 24

Saturday, June 25

9am - 5pm


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