Why Study at AIM Academy?

Why study acupuncture at AIM Academy?

  • Graduates receive high pass rates on the CTCMPAO examinations.
  • Courses are taught by practicing professionals who have excellent academic qualifications and practical experience. All clinical supervisors are registered acupuncturists with CTCMPAO.
  • You will learn acupuncture as an adjunct to your present discipline or as stand-alone form of alternative healthcare.
  • Students will have 560 hours of practical hands-on, supervised Student Clinic (500 hours on-site, 20 hours off-site & 40 observation hours).
  • Students incorporate all elements of their Chinese acupuncture training within student clinic under the instruction of highly qualified, experienced professional therapists.
  • Receive discount treatments in the student clinics while studying at AIM Academy.
  • Membership in the AIM Academy Alumni Guild with benefits (AIM Academy web site, newsletter, reduced seminar fees for school sponsored seminars, etc.)
  • Written, oral and practical exams that offer proof of your progress.
  • Benefit from the 37 years of educational experience in the field of Eastern therapeutic practices and complementary healthcare.
  • Textbook theory AND palpatory skills are emphasized.
  • Acupuncture is less physically demanding than some other modalities, allowing the practitioner a needed change of pace.
  • Many extended health care benefits packages provide coverage for acupuncture.