Why Study Acupuncture?

Acupuncture, as a medical therapy, is several thousand years old and is still used today. It is of interest to people looking to enter the field of complementary healthcare as well as to other practitioners looking to expand the services they offer their clients. Increasingly, people are focusing on acupuncture and other Eastern Asian therapies despite advances in western sciences and medicine. Why is this? The answer is very simple - acupuncture is very effective. It is a safe, natural and effective therapy for many illnesses both chronic and acute as well as for illnesses that are a result of a weakened immune system or an overstrained nervous system.

Adjusting or regulating Qi, or vital energy, is most essential for healing the body. This is the basis of health in the Chinese system. It takes time to master the study of Chinese medicine. It is not enough simply to learn the techniques without taking the time to understand the mystery of the human body. The subtleties of Chinese medicine are the hardest parts to understand but are the most interesting parts of this profession.  Remember that our body is made to heal, to be healthy, not sick. For any illness, there is hope to change if you correct the energy distortion of the body and life. This is something for you to actively participate in.  This is the key - to learn by this study rationally, mentally and physically.

For bodywork therapists and healthcare professionals, learning acupuncture not only forces you to use another tool for treatment through needling, but you learn and experience the world under the skin. You learn a different diagnosis. You expand your physical and mental boundaries of the world. Challenge yourself as an acupuncturist and specialist. This study will make you a confident practitioner using the ancient wisdom that you will learn.