Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis

Course Length

200 hours of study

Course Description:

TCM is the oldest existing medicine and doctors of the time, not having the modern diagnostic tools available today, formulated their own procedure consisting of four diagnostic methods, namely inspection, auscultation/olfaction, inquiry and palpation. This course is designed to expose the student to all of these standard TCM components of diagnosis through didactic study, practical application and slide presentations. Proper clinical intake procedures will be discussed and there will be hands-on practicum sessions with the various pulse patterns and tongue pictures.

Also, distinguishing Syndromes according to the Zang-Fu organs is an important component of TCM. However complex or diversified the disease may be, it is attributed to the dysfunction of one or more of the Zang-Fu organs. This course of study reviews and expands on the various important diagnostic and therapeutic frameworks in TCM through class lectures and case studies. The Zang-Fu organs will be covered, as well as the Extraordinary Organs, syndromes according to Qi, Blood and Body Fluids, the differentiation of syndromes according to the 4-Levels, 6-Stages and Three Burners, and the Eight Principles of TCM.