Financial Aid TCMP Program for Acupuncturists

OSAP/Student Government Loans:

Students enrolled in the Acupuncture Therapy Diploma Program may be eligible, if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).

Please note that students receiving OSAP funding are required to maintain a full course load for the duration of their program and must complete their program in the designated time for full-time studies.

To find out if you qualify please visit: 

Here is the link to the OSAP website where you can create an account, log in and check you status:

Apply early for prompt processing!

Once you’ve registered and started your application you’ll be asked some very specific questions pertaining to our institution. To make it easy here are the answers!

You’ll be asked:

What school do you plan to attend?
We are not in the drop down menu so you’ll have to do search (the section just below). The name of our school is Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy

Program Name
Type in 'TCMP' in the search bar. Please choose ‘TCMP PROGRAM FOR ACUPUNCTURISTS’.

Additional Program Information

TCMP Program - September 2024 start:
Start Date: September, 2024
End Date: July, 2025

Course Load
(if you have exemptions please contact Howard Fung at to calculate your course load percentage).

Tuition Payment Plans for our:

1 year program starting September 2024

Repaying Your Government Loan:

Remember, your student loan needs to be repaid & repayment Information can be found here:

The NSLSC has created the following webinars to assist you with learning about, and repaying your loan: 



Since many of AIM Academy's students and graduates benefit from government loans, grants, and bursaries, AIM Academy strongly reminds everyone that they have a responsibility to repay their loans and meet their commitments. The viability of loan programs in many provinces, states, and countries rests upon the appreciation that everyone gains when financial commitments are honoured.

The resourceful student seeking financial assistance has a number of avenues to explore. Here are some possible sources of student assistance however we encourage you to call the Financial Aid Department to discuss all your options.

Out of province students:

If you are not a resident of Ontario, inquire about the student assistance program in your home province.

Contact our Financial Aid department

Howard Fung
Office Manager, Student Supports & FAO (Financial Assistance Officer)
416 323 1818 ext 201

Contact the Admissions Department

We can assist individuals wishing to learn more about the program, schedules options, tuition and payment options, student visa processes, housing and more.

Enza Ierullo
416 323 1818 ext. 202