Faculty Profile: Kavita Gill

Kavita Gill R.TCMP, R.Ac

Instructor: Clinical Acupuncture Practicum

As a dynamic Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Kavita takes great joy in sharing her knowledge and clinical experience with her students. She encourages problem-solving and helps them break down complex issues into cohesive and effective treatment plans.

As a Toronto-based practitioner, Kavita has been honored to see and treat a multitude of conditions. By utilizing a patient-based approach and armed with her TCM toolbox, she teaches students how to effectively approach ailments ranging from muscular pain to gynaecological health.

Kavita is the proud co-owner of Urban Wellness Holistic Health and is an honors alumnus of the Institute of Traditional Medicine. Her years in practice have given her deep clinical insights and have powerfully informed her treatments. Kavita’s desire is that her patients experience the transformative benefits of TCM, while feeling empowered to achieve their goals.


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