Code of Ethics

  1. Every client shall be treated equally and truthfully without discrimination with regard to sex, race, religion, or political belief.
  2. The well being of the client is the student therapist's chief concern and the student therapist will not negligently do anything to endanger their well being.
  3. The confidentiality and dignity of the client shall be respected.
  4. The client has the right to accept or refuse any form of treatment and to be advised to the nature of the treatment to be given.
  5. The student therapist shall not refuse or withdraw his/her services without justifiable cause.
  6. The student therapist shall ensure that his/her professional conduct is above reproach.
  7. The student therapist shall not take physical, emotional, nor financial advantage of the client.
  8. The student therapist shall strive to continually improve his/her knowledge and professional skills.
  9. The student therapist shall encourage and educate the client to the best of his/her knowledge in the development of a healthy lifestyle.
  10. The student therapist shall not recruit any client from school clinic nor from school or show functions.
  11. The student therapist shall always clearly identify his/herself as a student whether in school or outside of school.
  12. Students are not allowed to set up a private acupuncture practice outside of school while training at AIM Academy.