Application Form

Application Form

Please print, complete and send this form with required documents and application fee to the address below.

AIM Academy
455 Spadina Ave., Suite 300  Toronto, Ontario M5S 2G8
Telephone:  (416) 323-1818  or  Toll free:  (800) 263-1703 (USA & Canada only)

Program applying to: ____________________________________
Preferred start date: ____________________________________
Personal Data: (Please Print)

Name:  _________________________  / ________________________ / ____                
                            (last)                                       (first)                                  (initial)

Date of Birth:  _____ / _____ / _____     age:  _____             
                             day       mth       yr


______________________  _________________________  __________________
City                                               Province                                    Postal Code

Email address:  _____________________________________________

phone: (CELL) ______________________  (OTHER)  _______________________  

Emergency Contact:  _____________________________________________

phone: (CELL) ______________________  (OTHER)  _______________________ 

Email address:_______________________________________________________

Family Physician

Name and number


Illnesses  Within the Past Year: ___________  From _______  To   _______


Present Occupation

Company Name / Location / Phone

Position / Title / Duration

Past Work Experience

Company Name / Location / Phone

Position / Title / Duration

Post-Secondary Educational

School Name / Location    Program / Course   Length of Study    Year Graduated

________________________  _____________________  _______________  _____________

________________________  _____________________  _______________  _____________

Tuition Payment Plans
I plan to pay:  (check one)

In full  Yes ____  No ____

In Instalments:  Yes___  No ____

Note: Payments are made by eTransfer and in Canadian funds. There is a late charge of $10 per day on overdue accounts.

Documentation Required
The following documents must accompany your application.  Check if included in your application.  If not included, indicate date it will be available.

    • complete application form ___

    • application fee of $25 ___

    • proof of 2 years post-secondary education OR equivalent professional experience. *Transcripts must be sent directly to the school from the issuing institution to be official.___

    • Completed AIM Academy medical form filled out by your family physician indicating that you have received a full physical within the last year and that you are in good physical and general health, that you are free from communicable diseases and your tuberculosis status within the last year.___

      Documentation Required for Interview

      Please present the original following identification documents during the interview:

        • photo identification (e.g. driver's license, passport or age of majority card) ___

        • birth certificate ___  *from your country or province

        • Social Insurance card ___ *if applicable (if applying for OSAP)

        NOTE:  The school reserves the right to cancel or change start dates of program if there is insufficient enrolment.  Should the program be cancelled, the applicant will receive a complete refund for their registration fees and/or tuition.