Welcome Priska Natterer, RMT, to our AIM Academy family!

Welcome Priska Natterer, RMT, to our AIM Academy family!

During the past 10 years, Priska has been involved in some form of manual therapy, be it, shiatsu, massage therapy or osteopathic manual practice. 

Her journey first started at the Shiatsu School of Canada, in 2006, now renamed the Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine Academy Inc. or AIM Academy. She then went on to study at the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO) in Toronto, having successfully completed her 5th year practical exams in 2017. She will graduate as a DOMP once completing her Thesis. To further her education and serve her clients better, Priska then decided to become a registered massage therapist and graduated from Kikkawa College in 2013. 
With her extensive manual therapy background, Priska’s approach to treatment blends the modalities of Shiatsu, osteopathic manual therapy and Swedish massage. Her style is mostly deep tissue with focus on restoring function and mobility. 

Her techniques include relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial release, craniosacral and visceral manipulation. Her treatment philosophy comes from Osteopathy, which is based on the principles of understanding of the body as a functional unit, that the body knows how to self-regulate and the interrelationship between structure and function.  In her spare time, she enjoys, gardening, cycling and riding her horse. 

It is with this enthusiasm that Priska is thrilled to be included as part of the team at the Wellness Clinic at AIM Academy! 


Osteopathy is a manual practice which addresses the relationship between structure and function and recognizing the patient as an integrated whole. When all of the body’s components are in balance, a person is complete and in total health. 

The emphasis of treatment is one of a holistic approach, acknowledging that the body will be assessed and treated as a whole rather than focusing on the area which is symptomatic. The osteopathic manual practitioner believes that the various systems of the body – musculoskeletal, myofascial, cranio-sacral, visceral and circulatory – are connected anatomically and are functionally interdependent. 

Using various manual assessments, treatment techniques and modalities, the osteopathic manual practitioner works to identify and ease - restrictions, reduce swelling, improve tissue mobility, and promote proper function. The focus being to improve, restore and maintain the normal physiological functions of the body’s structures and systems, therefore supporting the body’s natural ability to heal it’s self. This is achieved by using a wide variety of techniques including but not limited to: soft tissue work, mobilization techniques, visceral techniques and cranial sacral techniques. 

What can Osteopathic manual therapy do for you?

Osteopathic manual practitioners treat people of all ages from newborns to older adults. Manual osteopathy can have a positive effect on a variety of conditions: musculoskeletal pain; back pain; shoulder pain; knee pain; neck pain; joint pain and dysfunction; soft tissue injuries; headaches; jaw pain and other TMJ problems; sports injuries and acute trauma; digestive problems.

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Massage therapy has a therapeutic effect on the body through hands-on manual treatment, which is able to bring about changes in the body both physically and psychologically.  Through direct treatment, the massage therapist is able to ease symptoms by manipulation of the muscles, ligaments and joints, fascial restrictions, vascular and lymphatic systems in addition to the neurological system. While the psychological response includes, an increased sense of well-being, as well as the relief of daily stressors. The results of stress and pain can be relieved or prevented through regular massage therapy treatment by maintaining physical function. Massage therapy can be an important part of your health maintenance plan by: reducing or eliminating pain, improving joint mobility, improving circulation, improving lymphatic drainage, reducing muscular tension. As a massage therapist, my goal is to not only treat the symptoms but also address the cause of pain or injury. Massage Therapy can also be used as part of a preventative care program. Registered Massage Therapy is covered under most extended healthcare plans. Please consult your insurance provider to determine your coverage. 

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