T'Agyol's Hosting Another Fukushin Info Session!

Do you still have questions about Fukushin but couldn't make the last info session? We're hosting a second Info Session with T'Agyol on March 1st at 6:30PM!

T'Agyol Daniel Adler

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Join (T’agyol) Daniel Adler for this online discussion. He will provide more information about the upcoming Fukushin Workshop at AIM Academy with Nigel Dawes (North America’s Premier Kampo practitioner with over 40 years of TCM and Kampo experience). He will also discuss other unique aspects of Kampo. The re-integration of Abdominal Diagnosis into the Modern Asian Herbal Practice is a truly exiting development! With deep roots in Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine and blossoming in Kampo (Japanese Herbal Medicine), Fukushin has much to offer the modern Asian Herbal Practitioner. Come and find out why.

Schedule: Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 at 6:30PM

Location: Online on Zoom!

Cost: Free!

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"The Japanese Herbal Tradition (Kampo) developed out of the Traditional Chinese Herbal system. Practitioners use the same classical formulas as laid out in the Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lue. Nonetheless the Japanese have added exponentially to certain dimensions of the herbal legacy with their own, often original, additions. Fukushin in this light is largely a Japanese practice which in fact many Chinese Practitioners have sought to emulate since the Edo period, as its use has largely disappeared in Mainland China. It thus represents an impressive example of what might be termed the cultural enhancement of Classical Chinese medicine.

Fukushin is Abdominal Diagnosis. It is the physical and methodical palpation of the patient’s abdomen to derive direct, physical evidence and signs. This evidence in turn points directly to the use of specific formula groups. The Abdomen literally “tells” the practitioner what herbs and formulas need to be prescribed. Put another way, if a finding is not present on the abdomen, the use of the associated formula-family is not indicated. Always used in combination with the Traditional Four Examinations, the practice of Fukushin is practical and immediately applicable to any practitioner of Asian Herbal Medicine. It is easy to learn and gives confidence in diagnosis based on concrete physical findings from the patient’s body. Kampo is not well known here in Canada but in Japan it is regulated by the Ministry of Health and is prescribed by MD’s and Pharmacists."

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