Support our recent graduates and book today!

Support our recent graduates and book today!

Looking for affordable Acupuncture and
Facial Rejuvenatio
n treatments?


Acupuncture Treatment Cost

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Cost

   Acup-circle.png    Cos-Acup-circle.png  
  Single Session: $45
50 minute treatment
  Single Session: $65
75 minute treatment

Try out our Graduate Clinic!

Treatments are:

- one on one
- in a private room
- half the cost of an acupuncture treatment in our professional clinic
- covered by most insurance plans
- not to mention you're directly supporting a recent graduate!

Have you come to know and trust your student acupuncturist? Katerina, from our most recent graduating group is continuing on at AIM!

Presently booking appointments with:


     Katerina Loshkin!

Available for acupuncture treatments in our Graduate Clinic on Tuesdays! 

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Graduate Clinic:

AIM Academy  has operated an Acupuncture Student Clinic for over 20 years and is pleased to now offer a Graduate Clinic. Treatments are now offered on Mondays by our Diploma Program graduates and are supervised by registered acupuncturists. These treatments have been used to help maintain good health, to prevent ill-health, and to treat a variety of conditions.

Acupuncture is used to treat:

Neck, shoulder and back pain
Digestive complaints
Menstrual pain
and many more...    

To book an appointment in the clinic, call 416 323 1818 ext 200.


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