Peter Skrivanic is joining us from Japan for this one day workshop!

Peter Skrivanic is joining us from Japan for this one day workshop!

Komyo Reiki
with Peter Skrivanic

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on September 14, 2019 


We are thrilled to have Peter teaching this one day workshop at AIM Academy!

Course Description: 

This course is an Introductory (First Degree) course in Komyo Reiki, a Japanese lineage of Reiki practice upheld by Hyakuten Inamoto, a non-sectarian Buddhist monk from Kyoto.

Reiki is a hands-on healing practice based upon the use of ki, the primal energy of life that is the basis for many systems of Asian medicine. Originally developed in Japan, Reiki came to Hawaii in the mid-20th Century, and then began to grow in popularity in the 1970s and 1980s, eventually spreading all over the globe. During this time, and particularly in the 1980s and 1990s, the practice of Reiki changed in many ways. Teachers developed their own styles, absorbing various influences from the New Age movement. Standards of instruction also came to vary widely. The result has been that Reiki in the West has become a diverse but also a highly uneven practice.

Komyo Reiki emerged out of a lineage of transmission that did not leave Japan until Hyakuten-sensei began travelling and sharing his method in the early 2000s. It hews closely to how Reiki has been taught and practiced in Japan since the art’s inception. It is a ‘keep it simple’ approach that stresses Reiki’s potential as both a hands-on healing practice and a tool for spiritual self-development.

In this one-day class which is open to anyone, students will learn how to practice Reiki as a tool for self-healing, and as a supportive treatment for others. The class consists of discussion, meditation and energy awareness work, an explanation of Reiki history, instruction in hand placement and the technique of letting Reiki flow, and--most importantly--the Reiki Initiations, of which four are given, which work to open up the receiver's channels and establish a resonance with the Reiki energy. Once given, the capacity to outflow Reiki is the student’s for life. Students also receive a manual which covers the basic information presented in the class.

Peter has been a practitioner of Reiki for over 20 years and has studied with Hyakuten Inamoto intensively since coming to Kyoto in 2012. He has published articles on Reiki in international journals, has taught online webinars for Reiki teachers, and supports a group of students in Tokyo and Kyoto. His experience as a practitioner of shiatsu and acupuncture, and as a researcher of Japanese traditional medicine lends a unique focus to his teaching that makes him well-suited to teaching this art to students of acupuncture and shiatsu.

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