Have the Holidays Left you a Little out of Shape? Lengthen & Strengthen with Kirsten Bedard!

Lengthen & Strengthen 
with Kirsten Bedard

Begins January 11, 2020 


We spend our waking days sitting at computers, on couches and in cars - with our arms in front of the body and our heads jutting forward. It is no wonder we suffer from back, neck, shoulder, and hip pain. In this six week program you will learn dynamic, form-focused exercises for re-establishing correct posture and proper biomechanical movement patterns. We will cover the most effective exercises for opening the hips and shoulders, strengthening the gluts and back, and lengthening the thighs and hip flexors - in other words, counteracting the impacts of our unnatural and sedentary daily activities. 
By the end of the six week program you will have a dozen go-to exercises to keep your body open and strong.  


Please register online or call us
at 416-323-1818 ext 200!