Check out our Winter Wellness Series! Stay Strong. Stay Clam.

Check out our Winter Wellness Series! Stay Strong. Stay Clam.
Winter Wellness Classes

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory 
with Etai Tintpulver

Begins January 7, 2020 

For those of you who are interested in understanding the wonders of ancient  Chinese medical philosophy and how it all ties into your daily lives in a practical way, you will definitely find an abundance of ‘aha’ moments in this course. This course will introduce the historical and philosophical contexts, upon which Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based.



Lengthen & Strengthen 
with Kirsten Bedard

Begins January 11, 2020 

In this six week program you will learn dynamic, form-focused exercises for re-establishing correct posture and proper biomechanical movement patterns. 

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Basic Self Defence
with Jesse Lown

Begins January 18,  2020 

This workshop will consist of basic reaction training, awareness education, avoidance strategies and mental preparation. It will involve some cooperative contact, as well as some that are semi-uncooperative. 


Gentle Stretching & Meditation 
with Lori Esiler

Begins January 14, 2020  

The class will begin with gentle stretching exercises to prepare the body for various guided meditations.  Gentle guidance from therapeutic bodywork techniques derived from Lori's  background in shiatsu, massage therapy and manual osteopathy will be applied while you rest and relax. 


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