AcuNADA Community Acupuncture Treatments at AIM Wellness Clinic!

NADA Protocol

Know anyone that has back pain? Headaches? Anxiety? Insomnia? Or just needs to unwind? AcuNADA is organising FREE acupuncture treatments across Ontario at various locations from April 17 - 23.

AIM Academy has our event on Tuesday, April 19This can help relieve your pain, calm your mind, and improve your health.

We want to:

  • THANK the community for its support during efforts in repealing Schedule 5 of Bill 88.
  • GIVE BACK to the community and donate to the Indigenous Spirit Fund & Native Child and Family Services of Toronto in recognition of the land that we are so priveleged to practice on.
  • PROMOTE acupuncture and our profession.
  • CONNECT with the amazing community around us.

NADA is a gentle  acupuncture protocol developed in the 1970s to treat addiction, anxiety, insomnia, and many more symptoms using 5 small single use needles placed in the ear.

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