Why Study Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is a demanding, but deeply rewarding career. Most shiatsu therapists practice independently as primary health care workers. They undertake thorough health assessments to determine ways in which clients have lost their own natural ability to keep in equilibrium. The shiatsu therapist then tailors the treatment to meet the unique condition of the individual client. No two treatments are ever alike just as no two people, even identical twins, are alike.

It is easy to see that shiatsu can be very challenging. Great knowledge and skill are required and there are no short cuts. A successful career in shiatsu is not something that can be gained quickly, by rote learning, or a hodge-podge of short general interest courses with poorly trained instructors. A body of knowledge that has taken thousands of years to develop cannot be learned effectively in a short time span. Our program provides a thorough foundation from both an Eastern and a Western perspective.

Students must deeply grasp the theoretical structures and gain the analytical abilities necessary to skillfully and knowledgeably help clients with a wide range of conditions. Students need to understand the ethics and responsibilities involved in treating clients. Shiatsu students must have the skills to succeed as small business people, working in their own practice, or with others in a clinic or spa. Lastly, shiatsu is not something that can be learned from a book or by distance education. First hand instruction with practice under experienced and highly qualified instructors is the only way to achieve mastery in shiatsu.