Why a Private Career College?

  1. The primary reason private career colleges exist is to provide the most effective training within the most reasonable period of time. At AIM Academy our curriculum is skills based and career focused. We know the shiatsu marketplace and what our graduates need to compete.
  2. Shiatsu is the very heart of our school, a way of life - not just a business, and not just another program among many.
  3. We have a track record in providing shiatsu training since 1986.  Here you can thrive in a tried and tested program, not suffer through a new and unproven program.
  4. Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced.  We select instructors not only for their clinical know-how, but also for their strong teaching skills.
  5. Our excellent clinic prepares students for "real world" situations with real clients.  The clinic is established and the clientele is varied and challenging.
  6. We are committed to each student's success.  In the great traditions of the East, we honour our students - mind, body and soul.  At AIM Academy there are no anonymous faces lost in a large student body.  We are large enough to provide the services that students require, yet small enough to afford our students individual attention.