Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Begins Jan 6

If you are still unsure whether acupuncture is the right addition and/or new career choice for you; you may wish to start your training by taking TCM Theory to explore the world of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


This course is a real eye opener for anyone who wishes to understand how their body functions and how to improve their health in everyday life. This course is perfect for both beginners and therapists wishing to expand his/her clinical knowledge. Not only will you be introduced to a unique medical model of the human body from a Chinese medical perspective, this course will also change your outlook on human health and the prevention of diseases.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an art as well as a science with a unique approach to understanding and treating health conditions, as supported by 4000 years of medical wisdom. And for those of you who are interested in understanding the wonders of ancient Chinese medical philosophy and how it all ties into your daily lives in a practical way, you will definitely find an abundance of "aha" in this course. This course will introduce the historical and philosophical contexts, upon which Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based.


January 6, 2018 to March 31, 2018

Saturdays 9:30am - 1pm
Thursdays 6pm - 10pm

Final Exam April 12, 2018


Cost: $900
Monthly Payment Option: 4 monthly payment of $225

Hours: 100 hours

To register
Call 416-323-1818 X 202

AIM Academy
455 Spadina Ave, Suite 300, Toronto ON, M5S 2G8

Instructor: ROBERTO IUSSO, R.Ac

 Robert IussoRoberto is an honours graduate of the three-year Acupuncture Therapy Diploma program at AIM Academy and also holds certifications in Korean Hand Acupuncture (Level 2) from the Santa Barbara Center for Studies in Oriental Medicine as well as certification in Facial Rejuvenation (aka Cosmetic Acupuncture) from the College of Acupuncture & Therapeutics. He has also completed accredited courses in Medical Qigong and Tuina at AIM Academy and has studied Japanese Nagano/Kiiko style acupuncture therapy as well.
Roberto’s interest in Eastern healing practices began over 20 years ago when he undertook courses in Zen meditation to overcome anxiety and fears related to university examinations. Subsequent meditation practices led him to South Korea where he continued meditation practices, frequently taking courses and workshops at Hwagyesa Zen Temple in Seoul while also teaching ESL.
A knee injury during a Taekwondo training session led him to the discovery of Korean Hand Acupuncture Therapy, which he then learned and utilized over many months of self treatment to recover from his injury.