Therapist Profile: Samuel Pham

Samuel Pham

Samuel Pham RMT 

Registered Massage Therapist


Samuel received his bachelors of Kinesiology at the University of Toronto and graduated from Sutherland-Chan with a diploma in Massage Therapy.

Fueled by his passion in sports, Samuel takes into account your lifestyle & needs, and focuses on quality of movement when designing his treatment plan for you. Having experienced many injuries himself, he understands the set-backs and potential progress lost that many of us can relate to in our own pursuit of our health and fitness goals. But from those experiences, he has cultivated a good understanding of the amount of patience and practice it takes to make an optimal recovery.

Samuel believes developing a self-care routine is essential to recover from pain and strives to help develop one for you that is realistic and attainable. He has experience working with patients from the athletic population, stroke-patients, and with seniors. Samuel has learned a variety of techniques, which includes: Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, myofascial release, deep tissue work and more. He is also continuing his education to add cupping in his services as well.

Your Treatment


Before a treatment, your Massage Therapist will propose a personalized treatment plan based on an initial assessment and health history. The assessment consists of various tests to determine the condition of your muscles and joints. Any personal and health information you provide to your Massage Therapist is completely confidential and will be safeguarded. Your health record cannot be released or transferred without your written consent.

Your Massage Therapist must also obtain your consent to work on any part of your body, regardless of whether you are fully clothed, or fully or partially covered with sheets or blankets. Your privacy will always be respected, and you may withdraw your consent for treatment at any time.

Various specialized movements of the hands, over the skin or clothes, make up the Massage Therapy treatment. The Massage Therapist will work with your level of pain tolerance during the treatment, and the treatment can be stopped at any time should the treatment become uncomfortable.

Languages spoken: English

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