Therapist Profile: Nozomi Hatakeyama

Nozomi Hatakeyama, R.Ac 

Some people might think her first experience of acupuncture was in Japan, however, she learned everything here in Toronto. In 2013 she had a chance to attend a workshop about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The instructor, who was a TCM practitioner talked briefly about theory, the five elements, what foods to eat in the seasons, and what to prepare in order to prevent catching a cold. As she was a working mother of two daughters, preventing sickness was of great concern. She regularly attended TCM workshops and learned more about the foods for each season, how to self-care with moxibustion, and the introduction of tongue diagnosis. Five years later her curiosity led her to enter the Acupuncture and Integrative Academy Inc (AIM Academy) and she recently graduated from the Acupuncture Program in 2020.

She worked as a graphic designer in Tokyo and Toronto for 20 years and created maps, diagrams, brochures and other printed material for magazines, books, and condominium projects. Graphic design and acupuncture seem to be far apart, however, there is one thing in common. Both require balance. Through the acupuncture practice, her focus is to help the body to maintain a healthy balance.

Her curiosity continues as she is currently enrolled in the TCM Practitioner Program at AIM Academy, and studying Chinese herbs and is scheduled to complete this program in the summer of 2021.

Languages spoken: English, Japanese 

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