Tai Chi, Begins September 10

This 40 hour course will include a basic historical and theoretical introduction to TaiJi.


HunYuan TaiJi Quan is a system of TaiJi that incorporates traditional TaiJi martial arts with Daoist internal cultivation methods. In movement and rhythm it emphasizes the natural principles of TaiJi philosophy. This 40 hour course will include a basic historical and theoretical introduction to TaiJi philosophy, as well as instruction and practice of the HunYuan TaiJi 8 movement series, foundational movement training and body conditioning drills, and standing meditation. Students will also have the opportunity to explore the principles and applications of TaiJi practice through various partner practice sets. Internal aspects of practice will include fundamentals of Daoist NeiGong.


September 10, 2019 - November 19, 2019

Tuesdays from 9:30am - 1:00pm


Course Length: 40 hours
Cost: $360

To register:
Call 416-323-1818 X 202
Email: info@aim-academy.ca

AIM Academy
455 Spadina Ave, Suite 300, Toronto ON, M5S 2G8

Instructor:Jesse Lown (R.TCMP, R.Ac)

Jesse graduated as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbalist & Acupuncturist in 2001. He then spent 3 years interning full-time in hospitals and private clinics in China. While in BeiJing, Jesse specialized in Classical Chinese Philosophy and Medical Literature. He has interned and learned under many well respected and talented Doctors of Acupuncture, TuiNa and Herbal Medicine, many of whom had specialized and unique approaches to their medical practice.
After many years of working independently in a private clinical setting, Jesse joined a team of entrepreneurs looking to develop an integrated state of the art neurological rehabilitation centre. He developed and directed a working model that integrated modern state of the art technology, functional rehabilitation, and traditional medicine. The clinic has now grown and become a well established neurological rehabilitation centre specializing in spinal cord injuries, stroke, brain injury and Multiple Sclerosis.
For over 20 years, Jesse has diligently practiced traditional meditation, health preservation and martial art movement systems. He is an official 20th generation TaiJi lineage holder as recognized by the BeiJing HunYuan TaiJi Academy. Jesse returns to China yearly to teach on behalf of his teacher and continue in advanced training.
Jesse has been recognized for his exceptional presentation and public speaking abilities. His desire to disseminate knowledge has led him to into leadership positions, making him an effective educator and a strong leader within interdisciplinary clinical settings. He has taught traditional Chinese medicine at many institutes and continues seeing clients in his own private practice.