TCM Practitioner Program for Acupuncturists


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Program Length

3000 hours (800 hours Chinese Medicinal Herbs Diploma Program with the complete 2200 hours Acupuncture Diploma Program).

Program Structure and Start Dates

AIM Academy is currently accepting applications for sessions with the following start dates:

  • September 2020 - July 2021 (one year program)
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am - 5:30pm
    *financial assistance may be available to those who qualify! 

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Admission Requirements

Students are eligible for this program if they:

  • Are a Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) or graduate of a 2200 hour acupuncture program or equivalent
  • Have a strong desire to learn and grow
  • Have successfully completed an interview with a program administrator

      NOTE: Students are not required to have any previous background in sciences  or therapeutic training. Every diploma program offered at AIM Academy incorporates training from the ground up. Exemptions are always considered.

        You must understand English to succeed at AIM Academy since our classes and clinics are conducted in English. You must be fluent enough to comprehend your instructors and clinic clients as well as the texts and other written material, and be able to complete written and oral assignments.

        If your first language is not English, we will assess your English-language capabilities in the interview process. You may be required to submit a TOEFL exam in which you received a passing grade, and demonstrate satisfactory written/oral comprehension of English.

        For further information on the application process, please feel free to contact admissions at (416) 323-1818 ex.202 or call our toll free number,  1-800-263-1703 ex.202.


        Enrolment is limited and applications are processed on an ongoing basis. Apply early to avoid disappointment.

        Application Deadline

        Due August 15, 2020 to start September, 2020 

        Download the application here

        Download the medical form here

        Application Documents Required

          1. Complete application form.
          2. Application fee of $25.
          3. Transcripts from your TCM institution.
            *Transcripts must be sent directly to the school from the issuing institution to be offical.
          4. Completed AIM Academy medical form filled out by your family physician indicating that you have received a full physical within the last year and that you are in good physical and general health, that you are free from communicable diseases and your tuberculosis status within the last year.

          After Your Application is Submitted


          Once you have completed the application requirements (all documents received), we will arrange an interview.

          Application Documents Required at Interview

          Please present the original following identification documents:

          1. photo identifications (e.g. driver's license, passport, age of majority card).
          2. birth certificate.
          3. Social Insurance Number card.

          Notification of Status

          You will be notified within 30 days of the interview as to your acceptance into the program. Upon acceptance, you will be required to sign an Application for Enrolment form, to confirm your tuition payment plan, and to submit a $500 non-refundable registration fee, which is part of the student's tuition fee.

          Advanced Standing

          Depending on your previous education, you may be eligible for advanced standing which could reduce tuition for some programs.

          Please contact our Admissions Department to discuss your situation on: (416) 323-1818 ext. 202, Toll free 1-800-263-1703 ext. 202.

          NOTE: AIM Academy reserves the right to cancel or change start dates of program if there is insufficient enrolment. Should the program be cancelled, the applicant will receive a complete refund for their registration fees and/or tuition.


          Entrance to the Program is open to Acupuncture Graduates.

            Overview of TCM Practitioner Diploma Program

            A TCM Practitioner can offer acupuncture treatments along with herbal diagnosis in one session. Generally TCM Practitioners have extended clinical practice, theoretical knowledge and advanced training in acupuncture which incorporates Chinese medicinal herbs.

            Our TCM Practitioner Diploma Program is designed for anyone who wishes to incorporate Chinese medicinal herbs as an additional complimentary modality to their acupuncture training.

            The TCM Practitioner Diploma Program combines a curriculum of the Chinese Medicinal Herbs Diploma Program (800 hours) with the complete 2200 hours Acupuncture Diploma Program. Thus, upon successful completion of all curriculum (Acupuncture and Chinese Medicinal Herbs), students receive a diploma that states the completion of 'the TCM Practitioner 3000 hours Program'.

            For those who have already completed their acupuncture training, an additional diploma will be granted for the total hours of study in both programs  The diploma will be issued stating completion of 'the TCM Practitioner 3000 hours Program'.

            Goal of Study

            The program is designed to prepare the student to become a competent Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner working with a variety of modalities including advanced acupuncture clinic in correlation with Chinese medicinal herbs.

            Acupuncture and TCM Practitioners are now regulated in Ontario. This diploma program has been designed to comply with previously regulated provinces (ie. British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador). AIM Academy works very closely with various leaders in the field to ensure the highest quality of regulated training.

            Why study acupuncture at AIM Academy?

            • Graduates receive high pass rates on the CTCMPAO examinations.
            • Courses are taught by practicing professionals who have excellent academic qualifications and practical experience. All clinical supervisors are registered TCMP's with CTCMPAO.
            • You will learn acupuncture as an adjunct to your present discipline or as stand-alone form of alternative healthcare.
            • Students will have 250 hours of practical hands-on, supervised Student Clinic.
            • Students incorporate all elements of their traditional Chinese medicine training within student clinic under the instruction of highly qualified, experienced professional therapists.
            • Receive discount treatments in the student clinics while studying at AIM Academy.
            • Membership in the AIM Academy Alumni Guild with benefits (AIM Academy web site, newsletter, reduced seminar fees for school sponsored seminars, etc.)
            • Written, oral and practical exams that offer proof of your progress.
            • Benefit from the 33 years of educational experience in the field of Eastern therapeutic practices and complementary healthcare.
            • Textbook theory AND palpatory skills are emphasized.

            Employment Options Upon Completion

            • self employment, own and operate your own private clinic
            • some therapists travel to clients' homes or place of work for longer or shorter treatments
            • work in an established clinic
            • work alongside other healthcare professionals
            • clinic supervisor, oversee other therapists in a clinic or teaching clinic environment
            • instructor/teacher.

            Tuition & Financial Aid

            Students enrolled in the one year TCMP Program for Acupuncturists may be eligible, if qualified, for loans, grants, or awards granted under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). Students enrolled in the two year TCMP Program for Acupuncturists are not eligible to apply for OSAP funding. 

            About Financial Aid

            Tuition Payment Plan For Our

            One Year Program Starting September 2020


            Meet our faculty and instructors at AIM Academy.


            1 Year Option

            Starts: September 2020
            Ends: July 2021

            Weekly Schedule: 
            Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:30am - 5:30pm

            For more information about these schedule options or tailor made schedules, please contact the Admissions Department at (416) 323-1818 ex.202 or for those who are outside of Toronto but reside in North America, please call our toll free number at 1-800-263-1703 ex.202.