Faculty Profile: Meena Lial

Meena Lail (M.D.)

Instructor of Physiology

Dr. Meena Lail was born in Calgary, Alberta, and is a graduate of the University of Calgary. She has obtained her medical degree at Windsor University School of Medicine.

Dr. Lail has 3 years of teaching experience at  medical college in Calgary and has tutored 1-on-1 students for AP and General Biology. In addition to her teaching, she is also part of a Quality Improvement
Project at a hospital in Miami to improve physician accessibility to information and in turn, increase patient care.

Dr. Lail's current teaching philosophy is revolved around creating a fertile environment where students learn deeply to understand the big picture. Her aim is to create lifelong learning practices by providing students opportunities to make linkages between theory being learned in class to social work practice. Dr. Lail's philosophy and her overall goal are to create lifelong learners for societal improvement and individual well-being.

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