Faculty Profile: Leny Carbone

Leny CarboneLeny Carbone (R. Ac)

Reiki Master and 4th Dan Black Belt Shotokan Karate 

Leny began studying Shiatsu in 1985 and has been teaching since 1993. He is certified in Zen Shiatsu Therapy, Acupuncture, Chinese Tuina Massage & Reiki. Leny is a 4th Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate & has participated in a number of Zen meditation retreats. He has also taken many classes in Nature awareness & Philosophy at the tracker school in Asbury New Jersey. He has traveled to both China and Japan.

His dedication to Shiatsu has led him to teach an integrated approach to Shiatsu called Earth Shiatsu® using the modalities of meditation, nature awareness, martial arts & healing, where the focus is on using the Ki of the Earth to send and receive. He practices at Clear Stream Clinic in Toronto.


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