Faculty Profile: Etai Tintpulver

Etai Tintpulver

Instructor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis, Point Location, Treatment of Disease and Biomedical Pharmacology 

Etai is one of AIM's primary instructors.  His career in the healing arts started in massage therapy and branched out into acupuncture therapy, graduating from our AIM program in 2014. Proud AIM alumni, Etai, is passionate about giving his students the best possible learning experience.  Etai, has been teaching for numerous years and is currently teaching TCM Theory, Point Location, TCM Diagnosis, Treatment of Disease and Biomedical Pharmacology.  In his many years of teaching, Etai has honed his ability to explain complex TCM theories and lead with passion for helping set up future AIM alumni for success.

Languages spoken: English


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