Faculty Profile: Elyse Tera

Elyse TeraElyse Tera

Instructor of Tuina

Elyse Tera has been practicing Chinese Medicine for over twenty years.  Beginning in 1994 in Montreal as a shiatsu therapist with a focus on Chinese Injury Medicine, Elyse continued her studies at the prestigious New England School of Acupuncture, where she specialized in Classical and Five-element styles, and graduated in 2000 with additional certification in Hari (Toyo Hari) and the Balance Method (Distal point acupuncture). 
Elyse has taught shiatsu, tui na, meditation, 5-Element and TCM Foundation theory in schools and colleges in Montreal, Ottawa, and across the United States.  Elyse recently moved back to Toronto after building a quarter-million-dollar practice in Arizona that saw over 100 patient-visits a week.
Elyse is passionate about acupuncture and TCM, and believes that there’s no reason every acupuncturist who wants to can’t have a six-figure clinic, and can, with the right tools, build a successful, sustainable, and ethical practice.  


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