Faculty Profile: Daniel Adler

Daniel AdlerDaniel Adler (R. Ac)

Director of the Shiatsu Program
Instructor of Jing Luo

Daniel Adler is a practitioner of zen shiatsu and acupuncture and holds diplomas in both disciplines. Starting in 1998, he began his studies in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. In 1999 he started what would become a 10 year training in zen shiatsu. During this time he learned how to both practice and teach zen shiatsu and TCM.

Daniel is the director of the Shiatsu Program and an instructor at AIM Academy teaching Zen Shiatsu I, II and III, Oriental Medicine Diagnosis & Shiatsu 101: Beginner's Guide to Shiatsu Therapy. He is a member in good standing with OAATCM and Zen Shiatsu Society of Canada. 

Daniel believes in the study and practice of shiatsu and TCM as life practices which benefit both the patient and practitioner.


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