Zen Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation Treatments with Daniel Adler

Zen Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation

Everybody enjoys feeling youthful and vigorous. And many of us enjoy that youthful vigour as it shines out from our faces. Sadly that vigour and lustre declines as we age and this in turn reflects through our faces. Others of us wear scars, burns or other signs of Life on our faces. With this in mind, some of us look towards therapies and treatments to help restore our vitality. 

 In terms of youthful looks on the face, Cosmetic Acupuncture has been getting some recent attention. But, what about the people who do not like having needles inserted into the sensitive skin of their faces?  

Good news! Zen Shiatsu Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, done by the skilled and experienced hands of Daniel Adler can help tone and invigorate your face without the pricking of needles.  

The treatment is of 50 minute duration. The initial 20 minutes focuses on working with your entire body, opening up your meridians to invigorate the circulation of stagnant Ki and blood. The last 30 minutes involve direct work on your neck and face. Here Daniel uses his fingers to massage and apply pressure to the meridians and acupuncture points on your face. This increases blood flow, reduces stagnation and replenishes lost vitality, leaving your face more supple, lustrous and refreshed (“glow-ey” as one person put it). 

It should be noted that this is a Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, not Cosmetic Acupuncture. As such, it is not necessary to come for many treatments within a short time frame. Instead every two weeks or once a month is considered sufficient. In addition, as this is a Zen Shiatsu Treatment, it is not covered under Extended Healthcare Insurance. Daniel is a Registered Acupuncturist and can perform the same treatment using needles for those who do not mind them. 

Daniel learned to perform this treatment in 2004 and has been practicing it ever since (with and without needles). While the treatment does not create drastic changes to your face overnight, it does improve complexion, colour and lustre as well as reducing puffiness and enhancing tone. As you relax, lines of tension soften, leaving you feeling youthful and beautiful.

Time: 50 minute treatment
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